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An interview with Jenny Backwell

Jenny Backwell has lived in England since 1960. She is currently living in Hove, but has lived around the Brighton and Hove area for 40 years. Before moving to the area she lived in Plymouth, Argentina, Brazil, and Holland where she originally came from....
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An interview with David Sawyer

David’s parents arrived in Sussex in the late 1930s. His father’s then took up the position of chief electrical engineer at the St Dunstans rehabilitation centre in Ovingdean. David attended St Martha’s Convent when he was younger; he then attended...
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An interview with Maurice Funnell

Maurice was born in Leicester in 1930, after living there for only 6 months he moved to Brighton and has been here ever since (84 years). His family moved to Brighton because of his father, an ex-soldier, who was advised to move to Brighton to be by the...
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Artist Michael Allen visits Pavilion Gardens Cafe.

Michael Allen is a local artist; he is originally from Shropshire but has lived in Brighton for twenty years. Michael is a frequent visitor to the Pavilion Garden Cafe. He enjoys the laid-back atmosphere and fresh air. On occasion he will come here to...
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