A Celebration Song

Sung to the tune of ‘Daisy Daisy’, at the MMAS (Max Miller Appreciation Society) Charity garden party for the Macmillan nurses, to celebrate the saving of David and Vanessa Sewell’s Pavilion Gardens Cafe.


David, David

For the Sewells we’re shouting “WHOOPEE”

They’ll be staying

Bust where they always should be.

He’s lucky he’s got Vanessa

There by his side – gawd bless ‘er

Cos this special pair – they both really care

‘Bout the place that makes Brighton’s best tea.


Cos for Davy Davy

The outlook was rather glum

Those in charge had decided

His cafe’s time had come

But for once the people in power

Sorted out that shower

They gave the planner a kick and told him to stick

His demolition up his b…agenda


Crazy, crazy

What Brighton do their home

But it’s people are never lazy

They’ve saved here for the true gastronome

But your work aint complete yet

There’s one more plan to defeat yet

More cinemas you need – like a hole in the “heed”

So please save your own hippodrome


Daisy, Count Basie

Well I can’t think of another rhyme

My inspiration’s hazy

But it’s “thank yous” and that kind of thing time

Big thanks to the fans of Max Miller

For keeping your hands on the tiller

And arranging today – in your own special way

And bringing Macmillan’s Springtime


By Roy Hudd OBE (President of the MMAS) Sunday 3rd August 2014


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