Art Competition Finalists

We are delighted to announce the winner and runners up of our Summer Art Competition, with special thanks to local artist and friend of the cafe, Peter Stowell Phillips, for judging the prizes.

Cafe owner David holding the 3rd runner up by Gerry Oxley

3rd Place - Gerry Oxley

3rd Place – Gerry Oxley

Judge Peter liked the unusual choice of a winter theme, which made the painting stand out amongst the submissions.

Group Photo

Rachael Newport comes in at 2nd Place, standing with Judge Peter Stowell Phillips and David Sewell, owner of the cafe

2nd Place - Rachael Newport

2nd Place – Rachael Newport

2nd Place close-up

‘This painting could be from any age-range, but it’s wonderful shapes and colours can be enjoyed by all.’ – Judge Peter Stowell Phillips.

Peter Stowell Phillips

Judge, Peter Stowell Phillips with the winning submission by Zara Wilkins.

1st Place - Zara Wilkins

1st Place – Zara Wilkins

1st place had to go to Zara Wilkins for ‘incredible attention to detail, especially in the people as it’s very hard to draw people’, and managing to ‘capture the bustling, community atmosphere’ of the cafe.

Judge Peter Stowell Phillips with his own artworks

Thank you for all your submissions, we hope you enjoyed the competition as much as we did!

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