Artist Michael Allen visits Pavilion Gardens Cafe.

Michael Allen in Pavilion Gardens Cafe. Michael Allen is a local artist; he is originally from Shropshire but has lived in Brighton for twenty years. Michael is a frequent visitor to the Pavilion Garden Cafe. He enjoys the laid-back atmosphere and fresh air. On occasion he will come here to enjoy the live music being played in the Gardens.

Michael has just opened his exhibition at the Jubilee Library in Brighton which will be open from Tuesday the 5th until Saturday the 9th of August. The exhibition consists of varied two-dimensional media that Michael has completed over the past two years. In the exhibition there are beautiful landscape painting created using various different pigments of paint including acrylics, watercolours and oil paints. The exhibition also comprises of pencil sketches, and incredible mosaic pieces including a self-portrait. After just returning from the exhibition I would highly recommend going and seeing the work Michael has produced.