Meet The Regulars: James Huntsman

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Name: James Huntsman

Favourite thing to eat at the Pavilion Gardens Cafe: Bacon Sandwich

James has been coming to the Pavilion Gardens cafe for three years, and it was on a sunny day that I found him affectionately cuddling his dog Sugar (whose temporarily absent sister is called Honey). When asked what he liked about the cafe, James replied:

“there’s nowhere like it…it’s the kind of cafe that you don’t see much of anymore. I became friends with David, he’s got this knack of bringing people together. It’s a bit more of a cafe, it’s a bit of a social hub, people get to know each other around here.”











So what does James do?

For starters, he shoots videos using vintage cameras and formats: “My brother’s a keen photographer but I like the stuff that moves about!”. He prefers 16mm film but can’t use it very often due to their not being anywhere nearby that will process such film. However, luckily for us, we can see an example of the now rare format, in his own music video (see the YouTube video below).

So what’s this about a music video?

Well, James performs under the stage name James Hunter, with his band ‘The James Hunter Six’. He writes the songs and plays guitar and vocals, they also have two saxes (a tenor and a baritone), a Hammond organ, a double bass and drums. With their managers based in America (notice the plural – two managers!), they often play the States, but also play their old-time Soul music all over the world, they were even nominated for a Grammy Award in 2008.

James Hunter Six

















Below is the video for ‘Chicken Switch’ which was filmed by James himself on a 16mm film camera.

If you like what you hear, you can find and like them on Facebook, find out more about The James Hunter Six on their Website and buy their new album ‘Minute By Minute’ on Amazon.

On his days off from all the stage lights and high-energy shows, James likes to come back to the cafe for its quiet atmosphere and community feel: “Brighton needs this place”.

Words by Zoe Brownrigg




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