Meet The Regulars: Madeline Josey Miller

Name: Madeline Josey Miller.

Friend of the cafe for: 60 years.


Favourite cafe treat: Lemon Drizzle cake with tea.

“When I go up to the counter and they see me, straight away the lemon drizzle comes out. ”

Where are you from originally?

I was brought up in the Isle of Wight but moved to Brighton aged 18. Brighton seemed like New York after the Isle of Wight!

Do you have family here? 

Yes both of my children and my grandchildren live here too.

I’ve heard your daughter has a connection with cafe owner, David Sewell… 

“Yes my daughter, Lisa, went to school with him (Neville Seconday School), she says he was a good student. ”

What is Lisa doing now?

She’s a teacher’s assistant, in the offices rather than teaching. It’s nice because she gets the school holidays off, so we meet up here at the cafe in the summer often.

What did you used to do for work? “I’ve done all sorts; waitressing and working at Debenhams but that was before it moved to Churchill Square. ”

Do you have any hobbies?

“I’m a reader… I’m currently reading a book written by my son, Danny Miller, it’s called The Gilded Edge and is about a young detective and the different problems he sorts out.

What do you love about the cafe?

“It’s a lovely place to come, it’s a lovely spot, you couldn’t beat that view it’s just lovely to be out…people love to sit out when the weather is good, when you know you’ve got the winter ahead of you and you’ll be stuck in. Also there is such a huge choice on the menu -that small area and he does so well, it’s terrific! It’s so difficult from day to day as it depends on the weather  – (David’s) a clever lad!

…They tried to close this place once but we all signed a petition and kicked up a fuss, why would they choose try to close this place – it’s the perfect place! The people of Brighton won’t let them do it.

Anything else you’d like to say? 

“Stay open! I wish we could put a glass dome over it for winter!”

Words and photo by Zoe Brownrigg