Art Competition Finalists

We are delighted to announce the winner and runners up of our Summer Art Competition, with special thanks to local artist and friend of the cafe, Peter Stowell Phillips, for judging the prizes. Judge Peter liked the unusual choice of a winter theme, which...
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Timeline Royal Pavilion Gardens & Cafe

Timeline Royal Pavilion Gardens 1787                 Marine Pavilion designed by Henry Holland. 1788                 Modest garden created. Circular lawn fronting the Steine. 1792                 Garden expanded. Still formal....
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The Grounds Today

The gardens today have been re-modelled to the plans which can be seen in Nash’s Views to incorporate Nash’s serpentine path, which curves from the William IV Gate towards the Dome. John Nash’s design for the gardens and grounds of the...
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A Touch Of Love (True)

This is a lovely poem written about the cafe entitled ‘A Touch Of Love (True), found on ABC tales. Sitting at the Pavilion Cafe to feel grand a slice of lemon drizzle cake and a cuppa tea in my hand The tree’s are swaying in between the cracks...
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A Celebration Song

Sung to the tune of ‘Daisy Daisy’, at the MMAS (Max Miller Appreciation Society) Charity garden party for the Macmillan nurses, to celebrate the saving of David and Vanessa Sewell’s Pavilion Gardens Cafe.   David, David For the...
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Meet The Regulars: Madeline Josey Miller

Name: Madeline Josey Miller. Friend of the cafe for: 60 years. Favourite cafe treat: Lemon Drizzle cake with tea. “When I go up to the counter and they see me, straight away the lemon drizzle comes out. ” Where are you from originally? I was...
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Meet The Regulars: George and Hilary Eley

This time for ‘Meet The Regulars’, I chat to a well-travelled couple with tales of WW2, Max Miller and exotic holidays. Names: George and Hilary Eley Favourite food/drink at the cafe: (George) Fanta, (Hilary) tea and both enjoy a sandwich...
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Meet The Regulars: James Huntsman

Next up on our ‘Meet The Regulars’ feature is: Name: James Huntsman Favourite thing to eat at the Pavilion Gardens Cafe: Bacon Sandwich James has been coming to the Pavilion Gardens cafe for three years, and it was on a sunny day that I found...
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Meet The Regulars – Peter Stowell Phillips

Here at the Pavilion Cafe we have an extraordinary amount of extraordinary people visiting us every day. We’ll be sharing their interesting stories and thoughts on the cafe over the coming weeks, so keep checking back to read the latest tale....
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An interview with Jenny Backwell

Jenny Backwell has lived in England since 1960. She is currently living in Hove, but has lived around the Brighton and Hove area for 40 years. Before moving to the area she lived in Plymouth, Argentina, Brazil, and Holland where she originally came from....
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