It’s a New Year and it’s Time for a Website Change!

A Snowy Day at the Pavilion Gardens Cafe

Happy New Year and welcome to the revamp of the Pavilion Gardens Cafe website. The cafe was founded on March 1st, 1941, and has been going strong since.  A large amount of history surrounds the cafe, with many tales to be told from older and younger generations.

The new website is a large tribute to the cafe trying to promote everything special the cafe means to the owners, workers and customers. It’s also trying to give you an insight into its large heritage.

The re-launch of our website and management of social media has been kindly helped by DV8 Sussex and their social media and digital marketing apprentices.

The cafe has a rich history beginning in the 1940s and has been a familiar Brighton feature for every generation since then. The history has helped to create new memories for the staff and it’s extended ‘family’. If you take a look at our gallery page you will see all the memories captured over time, and the events that have taken place at this well loved cafe.

If you look at our reviews you will see how the cafe has touched many peoples lives: Wim from the Netherlands said “Every time we’re in Brighton, which is once every 2 or 3 years, we go here to have tea or coffee with some wonderful sandwiches, made quickly and skilfully on the site.” It’s heart warming to hear someone so far away from us makes sure to visit.  However many times you come and see us there will always be one thing you will definitely receive, a welcoming smile and warm greeting from David and his extended ‘family’ at the cafe.  Plus the familiar face of Elgar the Elephant, Clive’s long lost relative who has recently come to live in town.

Elgar the Elephant

To everyone on behalf of the Pavilion Gardens Cafe, have a Happy New Year and we hope to see all our friends again for a nice cup of tea and one of our famous rock cakes!