Pavilion Gardens Cafe


A Touch Of Love (True)

This is a lovely poem written about the cafe entitled ‘A Touch Of Love (True), found on ABC tales. Sitting at the Pavilion Cafe to feel grand a slice of lemon drizzle cake and a cuppa tea in my hand The tree’s are swaying in between the cracks...
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A Celebration Song

Sung to the tune of ‘Daisy Daisy’, at the MMAS (Max Miller Appreciation Society) Charity garden party for the Macmillan nurses, to celebrate the saving of David and Vanessa Sewell’s Pavilion Gardens Cafe.   David, David For the...
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Meet The Regulars: James Huntsman

Next up on our ‘Meet The Regulars’ feature is: Name: James Huntsman Favourite thing to eat at the Pavilion Gardens Cafe: Bacon Sandwich James has been coming to the Pavilion Gardens cafe for three years, and it was on a sunny day that I found...
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It’s a New Year and it’s Time for a Website Change!

Happy New Year and welcome to the revamp of the Pavilion Gardens Cafe website. The cafe was founded on March 1st, 1941, and has been going strong since.  A large amount of history surrounds the cafe, with many tales to be told from older and younger...
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