A Touch Of Love (True)

This is a lovely poem written about the cafe entitled ‘A Touch Of Love (True), found on ABC tales.

Sitting at the Pavilion Cafe
to feel grand
a slice of lemon drizzle cake
and a cuppa tea in my hand

The tree’s are swaying
in between the cracks of
a blue skink sky

A plastic wire mesh bush
in the shape
of Nelly the elephant
I am sure he was winking his eye

Nelly is not real

So no-one can have a ride
my pen is poised in my hand
I pop it in my mouth
juggle it around

Thinking of the words
to write!
on my 4″ paper
I have found

The peace and quiet
of this beautiful place
with cake all over my face
pigeons pecking at my feet

Oh! Watch my painted toes
I have taken photos
of lupins, foxgloves, hollyhocks
flounced so high

Staff have come along
to put the canopy down
I have moved my seat
so I shouldn’t be alone

Sat by a little lady
ask her her name
says ‘Alice
like in Alice and wonderland’

But says to me as we chat!
“I am 82 you know
I don’t know where I am
or where I’m going”

Alice coughed as she
slurped her tea
and her false teeth dropped in
she hooked them out with her

Long green finger nails
Tom her nephew passes by
stops and says ‘hello’

‘Would you like a coffee and cake’
‘oh please’ she replies
Tom never returned
that was unkind

Alice got up to find him
beating her stick on the ground
I stand and photo the tall umbrella tree
green shaped leaves showering down

Mary with her baby Barry
changing his nappy
on the lawn
and little Rosie Anne looking on

George the dad looks across
with his nose turned up
then I hear a sound of a clarinet
I was wrong it was a saxophone

Playing last minute ‘My Favourite Things’
sometimes I sing ‘Over The Rainbow’
I can hear it blowing
the tune in the wind

Here comes Aunty Bo-Bo
with Lah-Lah
her puff ball pink poodle
all bathes and curly top-knots

and body died all over
to match her waistcoat
she hover to meet Rove
to rollover

Who is running fast
all I need is
the ‘Mona Lisa’
with her mystic smile

The salvation army band
had finished playing
the anthem
‘God Save The Queen’

Some actually stood up
what! an interesting day
it had been
I fell asleep on the bus

Looking like the cat
that’s got the cream
or was it just a dream
that I was the Mona Lisa with her smile

by ‘Cavalcaderl’ on 11.08.2011

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