About The Cafe

The Pavilion Gardens Cafe is a family owned, open air cafe situated in the heart of Brighton’s most popular attraction; the historic Royal Pavilion Gardens. We are currently celebrating our 75th anniversary of catering to the Brighton and Hove community, providing refreshments and traditional home made food, including our fabulous freshly baked rock cakes. Welcome!

“Fantastic to find the Pavilion Gardens Cafe and the Rock cakes still here and unchanged apart from the chairs. I was an art student in 1970-71 and came every day the cafe was open.

I am so glad that the cafe has not been replaced by a trendy plastic version of what was my favourite place. Long may it continue and long live the Rock Cakes!”

– Liz –

“We have been living in Brighton for going on 8 years and have never found the centre. However the one place that feels like the centre of the world must surely be the Pavilion Gardens Cafe. It is the place to enjoy tea, to meet people, to read, to listen to music which is sometimes good and generally pass a very agreeable few hours.”

– Harvey –

“For the last 15 years, Pavilion Gardens cafe has been the place I have written most of my professional theatre work – plays and short scripts.

It is not only a place of good pots of tea (extra hot water) and those fabulous, famous rock cakes, it’s also a place of healthy sea air, inspiration and conversation with all kinds of interesting people.”

– RationalMadness –




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