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Customer Testimonials

The cafe is for everyone – inclusive for the young and old, fashionista & scruffy, everyone. Richard Stanton (ex Councellor)


The cafe is central meeting place for the average Brighton resident, used extensively by people of all ages. The atmosphere is friendly, no hassle to overspend or hurry on. The food is traditional, super tasty and freshly prepared at all times. The lunch at the cafe is always a happy experience! Veronica Rolfe Johnson (Garden Volunteer)


I have been coming here most of my life – love the way it is – can’t be improved for me. Ruth Goodall (ex Dome and RP staff)


The cafe has a relaxed appearance rather than the modern flashy cafes that keep popping up. Don’t change it. Also being family owned makes a huge difference – they care about their customers and staff. A perfect place to spend time with a friend etc. so peaceful and relaxing – the perfect recipe! Margaret Baker


Quick service and very friendly staff who will always make you feel welcome. They bother to learn your name and what food you like. You are never rushed away so it’s a good venue for meeting friends and family. When the cafe opens for the season, all is well with the world again.  Ann Diver


This cafe has served our whole family from first visiting here in 1975 until bringing our family and recently our grandson. Peter Stocker (ex Chair NLTA)


The whole atmosphere of tradition, it’s quality, value for money, the unique area and diversity of customers. I played on the lawn when I was two years old – I’m now 60, living abroad. This is a must whenever I’m in my home town of Brighton which has changed so much – but this cafe is the same as always – in a good way. Sandra Moehla


I have lived in many locations, several of which are also tourist resorts. I have never found another venue to match the combination of qualities that make this ideal for both regulars and tourists.  Mike Brown


It is an institution! We’re lost when you first close for winter – you are a way of life for a lot of older people. Friendship and wonderful staff. Peter Stowell-Phillips


The building should be listed! 1950’s architectural charm. It’s part of Brighton’s history – and so is the family that runs it. Rock cakes – best in the world! Kate White

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