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Very good café.
Mr. D. Lomax

Paula Scutt

Delightful place – long may it last.
Mrs. Jenny Rodgers

Have always liked to come here.
Mrs. J. Collins

Lovely café – good food.
Mrs. D Booth

Lovely Food!
Mrs. .B. Abis

Nice place, great atmosphere! Thanks.
Mick & Lyn Trettin

Very friendly staff.
Janice Hollyer

Such a peaceful friendly place to enjoy my tea.
Mrs. P. Bravington

Keep baking the rock cakes – I like mine well done.
Geoffrey Mead

In our courting days (late 50’s) we spent many lunch-breaks at the café. This
Association has continued over the years and we now particularly enjoy the
band concerts on Sundays. Yes the café is certainly the place to be!
Brian & Sheila Tulley

Friendly place to have a cuppa and a chat    .
Mrs. Muriel Lawday

Always received great service.
Ms. V. Tancock

We so look forward to you opening each year & always make this our ‘coffee-
Stop’ when we’re out this week. Everyone is always so friendly.
Bert & Judy Gabriel

This is a real gem of a café. I always receive a warm welcome year in year out.
Liz Muxworthy

Lovely place for coffee.
Donna Ingram

Great place and Staff. Wonderful cakes.
Jill Richardson

My favourite summer time café. I always miss it when you close for the winter.
Mrs. Sally Bensaid

Love the café being here – great meeting place and food.
Mitzi Moravick

Lovely settings; friendly atmosphere. Thanks for help with my tray & pushchair.
Frances Aldrich

Lovely coffee & carrot cake.
Margot Slade-Baker

Love the café especially the cakes.
Jane Talbot

An oasis in the middle of chaos. Such a beautiful spot.
Betsy Chin-Sang

A wonderful café. Excellent staff, and good food.
Kyna Thomas

Lovely food, lovely drinks, thank you.
Deborah Gates

A lovely selection of cake! A lovely setting for the small children.
Mr. & Mrs. Platt

Nice place to be.
Dick Maarsen

It’s Great!
Mrs. Rosaline Smith

Nice to see you are still going strong. I worked here in 1953 and knew
Mr. T – a very nice man.
Mrs. G. Bowley

Just enjoy coming here!
Mrs. Patricia Dagidir

Love it!
Mrs. Jean Derin

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