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Keep the present owners for ever.
Mrs. K. Moss

Very enjoyable here especially in summer.
Liliane Betts

Please don’t change this unique ‘oasis’.
Mrs. Vicki Turpin

The best tea & home-made buns in Brighton. The café is known & loved by
The ‘locals’ & a centre for visitors from all over the world.
Norma Amerena

Always makes my day to find you open.
Mrs. M Mallett

The Gardens café is a wonderful place for a local flat-dweller.
Peggie Holden

There couldn’t be any changes for the better.
George White

What delicious cakes!
Mrs. Ann Yates

Lovely place, very friendly with excellent cakes.
Phillida Simpson

Great café, great coffee, great cakes, nice people. Long may you reign.
Mrs. C. Lewis

Always very friendly and kind. Thanks for all your fund-raising.
Keith Salvage

Wonderful place for tea, chat & watching people. Couldn’t do without you.
Bobbie Cheeseman

Just to say you are doing a wonderful job, don’t change anything. Thank you.
Mrs. Kim Willis

Long may the café continue – much enjoyed.
Mrs. Sally Prince

Always a  pleasure to sit and ponder with good coffee and pleasant staff.
P. Grimes

Love the coconut rock cakes.
Caroline Bell

Best rock cakes in Brighton. A wonderful amenity to have in the centre of
town. The days that start with a cup of coffee in the gardens are always the best.
Fiona Malcolm

Summer proper starts when you open. The rock cakes and hot chocolate are
just right. Hope you are around until I retire (lots of years yet).
Terry Clegg

Long live the Pavilion Gardens Café.
Mrs. V. Anstruther

You make the best coconut rock cakes in the world.
Sue Burgess

We always know when summer is here, when you open your doors.
Sheila Burgess

Great service – great people – great place!
Gerry Thompson

Just to say I’m very happy with the food and service.
Mrs. C. Green

This is a wonderful place and a lovely café – long may you all go from
Strength to strength.
Eva Hewitt

I’ve always enjoyed the café with friends. I worked on an event for a local
Charity in the gardens and you were all so kind to us. Thank you!
Lynne Richards

Good food, great service and  smiles.
Enid Gray

I always recommend the café to my groups after their tours with me (I’m a
Tourist board qualified guide) as being good value, with cheerful service.
Glenda Clarke

Excellent service, friendly people.
Mrs. W. Branch

One of the best places to come for a coffee and buns.
Mrs. K. Whitcomb

Great café, I love it.
Barry & Pam Wilkinson

Very good staff, good service and excellent rock cakes.
Bradley Angel

Your café is like an oasis in a desert.
Laurie & Joan Monkhouse

Lovely café.
Stephanie Wilson

Very enjoyable every time I visit – Thank you!
Jo Stewart-Long

Met at the café, proposed following day – never been so happy in my life.
Mr. & Mrs. M. Batten

Brilliant café.
Mrs. Joyce Oakes

The food and drink is of a high standard.
Kerry Brennan

It’s a wonderful café with wonderful food.
Robin Winbow

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