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Here are some of the messages we have received from from our friends and customers from the visitors book at the café and through our web-site and on other websites. Thank you all for such lovely comments:

quote from  Harmony 37   on Qype

This is a mainstay of Brighton life! A wide variety of coffee, the cakes and even the sandwiches look home made. Its well staffed, and the staff are often really helpful too. A great place to sit and people watch – the gardens are often used for exhibitions now, such as the fundraising elephant exhibition recently, or there are buskers (who don’t come round the tables, they’re in the public space). Lovely for people with children – the grownups can have their coffee, and the children are free to run around and play – even the road thirty yards away is now pedestrianised. There are clean, well regulated public toilets at the edge of the gardens in another direction.

Mark S
In the centre is a lovely cafe where you can sit and enjoy the gardens and your surroundings. Obviously it is far more busy and popular in the summer when the weather’s nice, but to be honest Brightonians love it and you’ll find people sitting there all year round.

Fantastic to find the Pavilion Gardens Cafe and the Rock cakes still here and unchanged apart from the chairs. I was an art student in 1970-71 and came every day the cafe was open.
I am so glad that the cafe has not been replaced by a trendy plastic version of what was my favourite place.
Long may it continue and long live the Rock Cakes!
p.s. lovely lunch too!
Good luck

I really look forward to the re-opening each spring.
Sheila Manning

I like the rock cakes.
R. J. McConachie

Very good service & very nice people
Mr. & Mrs. Gibb

I really enjoy the Pavilion Gardens Café -  Great atmosphere  & service
Miss. Noreen O’Sullivan

Wonderful people, good food and good company
Mrs. D.P. Godfrey

We regard the café as an important venue for meeting friends.
Mr. & Mrs. R Cresswell

I know summer is coming, when you re-open again  I bring all my visitors
to sample the Rock cakes. Always good value & friendly service. I’m a fan.
Dai Warbis

Best Coffee & wonderful rock cakes & friendly smiling service.
Mr. Cecil Watts

The café is well liked by the locals & one of the nicest places in Brighton.
John & Julia Hunt

The service is very good.
Kathleen Soffe

Our favourite Café.
David & Terry Halliwell

I have been coming to this café for over 40 years and I know all the family
Very well. This is the best café in Southern England.
David Parker

Where would we be without the Pavilion Café. Keep up the good work.
John Sandys

Always made welcome. Best drinks, food and good prices
Mrs. I Gailernault

Couldn’t live without the café.
Martin Thompson

Staff at the café always friendly and the food is nice.
Mrs. Pamela Keane

It’s a great place. Have known it for years and it gets better all the time.
Lisa Compton

Delicious cakes, friendly service, lovely location and  brill’ buskers.
Julie Allen

I’m delighted you are open again & love your home-made Rock cakes
Margaret  Kelsey

Very relaxing, service is very good.
Barry Taylor

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